Middle School Winter Concert Schedule

Come to the NMS Music Department Winter Concerts and see the great work that has been going on there!!
6th Grade Concert – 12/11 at 2:00pm – Nyack Middle School Gym
     -6th Grade Concert and Jazz Bands
7th Grade Concert – 12/15 at 7:00pm – Nyack Middle School Gym
     -7th Grade Concert Band and 7/8 PM Jazz Band
8th Grade Concert – 12/21 at 7:00pm – Nyack High School Auditorium
     -8th Grade Concert and Jazz Bands

Middle School Cheese Cake Sale!!

We have begun a cheesecake fundraiser to help fund our 8th grade trip to Music in the Parks in May! Fundraising packets are available in the band room for any student who has not yet received one.
The fundraiser will run until October 28th. The sale includes cheesecakes, cookies, and items from the online store. Students may sell these items door to door only if supervised. This fundraiser will help lower the cost of our Music in the Parks trip. All forms with payment are due on October 28th. Checks must be made out to MusicWorks.
Prize incentives begin after students have sold at least ten items. More items sold means better incentives. After a certain amount of items sold, students are entered into a raffle for larger prizes.
The items that students have sold will be delivered to the high school the week of November 23rd. If you do not plan on delivering your items immediately, please clear space in your refrigerator or freezer to store them. Please arrange to pick them up from the high school.
Online orders may be placed by friends or family not living nearby by visiting www.ashleyfarmsinc.com and entering the code NMSMF15. Each student must register and create a password before they can sell items online.
If you have any additional questions about the fundraiser, please feel free to email Mr. Lucas
Thank you for being a part of our music program. Happy selling!

The Red Bandana Choral Symphony performed by the Nyack High School Chorus and Symphony Orchestra

The Red Bandana Choral Symphony is a 4-part symphony that tells the story of 9/11 through poetic verse and orchestral music. It brings together chorus, concert band, jazz band, and string orchestra in an intensive, dramatic and moving reflection of the events of the day that has forever changed our lives. Composed by Scott Nathan Louis in 2014, the score was commissioned by MusicWorks of Arts Angels, a non-profit parent and community organization that supports the arts in Nyack Public Schools. See attached Press Release for more detailed information about this compelling production. Press Release (Edited)

Spring Concert Season

As Spring brings us joys of the season with it comes the annual concert tradition at Nyack Schools! Come out and support the fantastic performances of our school music programs this year. See the link on the top of the page for the district concert schedule.